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Lead (Pb): Federal Area Designations: California, 2011

This polygon shapefile contains area designations of lead attainment (Pb) in California (Region 9). There are three categories of designations: : nonattainment, unclassifiable and attainment areas. These designations are based on the Environmental Protection Agengy's National Ambient Air Quality Standards 40CFR81.305 (February 22, 2011). Areas designated "Nonattainment" are geographic areas which have not met National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Lead (Pb) air pollution. These standards are part of the Clean Air Act. See Code of Federal Regulations, Section 40 Part 81, for detailed information about Ambient Air Quality Standards. Projection: Teale Albers, NAD83.This data set is intended to help provide the public with information to determine whether or not air quality within a given area is healthy. Once designations take effect, they also become an important component of state, tribal and local governments' efforts to control lead pollution.
United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Region IX
United States. Clean Air Act, Lead, Lead abatement, Air quality management, Climatology, Meteorology and Atmosphere, Environment, and Health
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