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Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly, 2007-2008

This raster dataset is a model that measures the impact of sea surface temperature anomalies as a factor in global climate change. Potential for ecological change in response to changes in sea surface temperature can be measured as the frequency of temperature anomalies, where the temperature exceeds a threshold value like the long-term mean, or by a measure of the magnitude (°C) of the anomalies themselves. See the Lineage section for complete information about data sources and porcesses used to create this layer. This dataset is part of the Global Map of Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems, a collection of data and analyses related to anthropogenic drivers of change in marine ecosystems.The goal of this research is to estimate and visualize the global impact that humans are having on the ocean's ecosystems.
Earth and Earth (Planet)
Climatic changes, Ocean temperature, Marine meteorology, Environmental impact analysis, Climatology, Meteorology and Atmosphere, Oceans, Environment, and Imagery and Base Maps
2007 and 2008
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