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Highway Rail Crossings, California, 2010

This point shapefile contains the locations of highway railroad crossings in California. These data were created using the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) inventory database of highway-rail crossings. The PUC data contains a [grade] attribute that allows for the isolation of at-grade crossings. There are 7,719 at-grade records in the most recent PUC file available. The PUC data also includes a crossing numbering system that should be maintained as part of the development of this feature to facilitate easy update and linkage to subsequent releases. There are approximately 10,000 open crossings included in the state inventory as of November 2010. The fields included in this table are copied directly from the CPUC data set without any changes. This layer is part of a collection of GIS data created by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).This dataset is intended for researchers, students, and policy makers for reference and mapping purposes, and may be used for basic applications such as viewing, querying, and map output production, or to provide a basemap to support graphical overlays and analysis with other spatial data.
California. Department of Transportation
Highway-railroad grade crossings, Railroads, and Transportation
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