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Mapping Symbology: Noyo River Watershed, California, 2000

This file contains the geologic mapping symbology, such as landslide scarps and direction of movement arrows, as well as prior landslide activity, for the Noyo River Watershed, which lies within the Coast Ranges physiographic province of California. The area is mountainous, with elevations ranging from sea level in the coastal area of the watershed to approximately 2,850 feet in the eastern headwaters portion of the watershed. The majority of the watershed is heavily forested; portions of the extreme western and southeastern portions of the watershed are grass covered. This map set was compiled from multiple sources including published maps and reports, unpublished mapping by the U.S. Geological Survey, aerial photograph mapping, and reconnaissance geologic mapping. Results of Noyo River Watershed Landslide Mapping Project, including geologic and geomorphic features (landslide) maps and landslide potential maps. The maps/data are useful in preparation of Timber Harvesting Plans, and for use by land managers for identifying areas of potentially unstable ground. The maps/data serve as a guide to potential problem areas where more site-specific review is required.
California. Division of Mines and Geology
California, Northern, Noyo River (Calif.), and Noyo River Watershed (Calif.)
Geology, Landslides, Economy, Environment, Geoscientific Information, and Inland Waters
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