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Intensity of Cultivation: Kenya, 2000

This polygon shapefile portrays the percentage of land under cutivation in Kenya. Cultivated lands, are intensively farmed land. Areas of more than 80 percent cropland represent only a small proportion of Kenya’s agroecosystems. These densely cropped areas are found predominantly in the highlands of central and western Kenya and in small patches of lowlands. They include intensively produced crops such as wheat, tea, sugarcane, irrigated rice, and high-yielding maize (see Map 4.4 for a more detailed view). The majority of Kenya’s agroecosystems consist of landscapes with 50 or 60 percent active cropland, mixed with less intensively managed land. The latter can include, for example, forests or woodlands that can support mixed activities such as wood extraction and livestock grazing. This layer is a WRI calculation based on the FAO Africover Legend for Croplands (2000).Used in Map 5.4 of Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being.
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