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Kelp Beds, California, 2004

This polygon shapefile depicts kelp beds along the California coast, a critical habitat for many species of invertebrates, fish and marine mammals. Title 14, California Code of Regulations, designates 87 'Administrative Kelp Beds' for the purposes of managing commercial kelp harvest. The 87 kelp beds extend from the United States-Mexico border to the California-Oregon border and surround each of the Channel Islands. Each kelp bed falls within one of the following management categories: open, closed, leaseable and lease only. Open kelp beds are available to commercial kelp harvest, leases cannot be issued. Closed kelp beds are closed to all kelp harvesting. Leaseable kelp beds are available for kelp harvesting until the bed is leased, at which time only the lessee may harvest. Lease only kelp beds are closed to all kelp harvesting unless an exclusive lease is obtained. Kelp beds which are leased are desiginated as such. The status of the "leased" and "leaseable" beds may change and that users should check with the Department of Fish and Game for current status. Closed beds are listed in Title 14, California Code of Regulations, section 165(c)(5). Open beds area listed in Title 14, section 165.5(k). This layer is current as of August 2004.This dataset can be used to indentify Kelp beds along the California coast.
California. Department of Fish and Game. Marine Resources Region
Kelps, Marine resources, Biology and Ecology, Boundaries, and Oceans
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