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National Fire Plan - Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program, 2004

This polygon shapefile portrays county level data for the fiscal-year-2004 National Fire Plan - Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program. The purpose of this program is to reduce the risk of wildland fire. Included is information on the number of acres treated with prescribed burns, mechanical methods, or other methods. Separate information is supplied for wildland/urban interface areas (areas where structures and other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels. Often incorrectly referred to as the 'interzone' or 'urban/wildland interface') and for non-wildland/urban interface areas. These data come from the National Fire Plan Operations and Reporting System (NFPORS), which is used by Federal employees to plan and report activities and accomplishments conducted under the National Fire Plan. This layer is part of the 1997-2014 edition of the National Atlas of the United States.These data are intended for geographic display and analysis at the national level, and for large regional areas. The data should be displayed and analyzed at scales appropriate for 1:2,000,000-scale data. No responsibility is assumed by the National Atlas of the United States in the use of these data.
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Fire risk assessment, Fire prevention, Fuels, Flammable materials, Hazardous substances, Environment, and Health
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