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Important Bird Areas: Kenya, 2003-2004

This polygon shapefile depicts Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and their status in Kenya, 2003-2004. The data depicts each IBA by a point in the center of its associated area. IBAs range from 1 hectare to more than 1 million hectares in size. This layer identifies 60 IBAs in Kenya covering some 5.7 million hectares (10 percent of the country’s land area). These areas play a critical role in ensuring the survival of local and migratory bird species. Of these 60 sites, only 35 are located inside parks, sanctuaries, reserves, or other protected areas. Thus, the survival of local and migratory species relies heavily on coexistence with people in landscapes that have been significantly altered by human activities. A recent assessment of the conservation status of Kenya’s IBAs indicated that many are in decline—a finding that bodes ill for Kenya’s rich bird diversity. Indeed, some 27 bird species in Kenya have been listed as “critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable.” This data was used in Map 5.3 in Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being.
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Important bird areas, Environment, and Biology and Ecology
2003 and 2004
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