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Recreation Districts: Santa Cruz County, California, 2015

This polygon shapefile depicts boundaries for the recreation districts in the County of Santa Cruz, California: Boulder Creek, Opal Cliffs and La Selva Beach. The recreation districts are governed by an elected Board of Directors that are tasked with organizing and conducting programs of community recreation, establishing systems of recreation and recreation centers and to acquiring, constructing, maintaining and operating recreation centers (from pg 98 Guide to Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Procedures - San Diego LAFCO 1995). LAFCO was created in 1963 to encourage orderly formation of local government agencies, preserve agricultural land resources and discourage urban sprawl. LAFCos are responsible for coordinating logical and timely changes in local governmental boundaries, conducting special studies that review ways to reorganize, simplify, and streamline governmental structure and preparing a sphere of influence for each city and special district within each county. This layer is part of a collection of GIS data created for Santa Cruz County, California.The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit falls under the purview of the County of Santa Cruz Information Services Department. The GIS Unit serves all County departments and external customers and provides data on land, features and people of Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz County encompasses 4 cities and approximately 265,000 people. This coverage can be used for basic applications such as viewing, querying and map output production, or to provide a basemap to support graphical overlays and analyses of geospatial data.
County of Santa Cruz Information Services Department
Santa Cruz County (Calif.)
Natural areas, Open spaces, Recreation areas, Parks, Boundaries, and Society
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