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California Coastline, 1994

This polyline shapefile is a rebuild of the original digitized data with greatly reduced tolerances (see Supplemental Information under Resource Details). The purpose of this rebuild is to reduce the number of verticies that are dropped out during an ARCINFO "CLEAN" process on a previous version of this coverage. This data set closely resembles the original data, and as such, users will probably want to generalize this coverage to decrease unwanted verticies and arcs. California shoreline from the Oregon border to the Mexico border including Humboldt, Arcata, San Francisco, San Pablo, Suisun, Honker, and San Diego Bays and includes offshore rocks. This shoreline represents the mean high tide line along the coast and bays as shown on the United States Geological Survey 7.5' series quadrangles. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Region GIS Lab is a state-of-the-art GIS and Remote Sensing facility which specializes in coastal and marine applications. The staffs' expertise includes processing spatial data from a wide variety of Remote Sensing platforms, raster-based spatial analysis, data management, and map production. Project priorities for the Lab are determined by the Marine Region's focus on the California Marine Life Management Act and the California Marine Life Protection Act.
California. Department of Fish and Game. Marine Resources Region
California and Pacific Ocean
Coasts, Shorelines, Oceans, and Boundaries
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