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Intermediate Discharges into Near Coastal Marine Waters: Southern California, 2003

This polygon shapefile depicts intermediate discharges into Southern California's near-coastal marine waters, but does not include discharges into enclosed bays and estuaries. The category 'Intermediate' used to describe this feature was derived from the Marine Life Protection Act South Coast Study Region (SCSR) Scientific Advisory Team (SAT) conclusion that any facility that had a design flow rate greater than 1 million gallons-per-day (MGD) would get an 'Intermediate' discharge rating, and as long as they are not any of the facilities classified as 'Majors by the SCSR SAT. Some facilities were excluded and kept their minor ratings, including small marine labs, aquaculture facilities and a desalination plant in the region.This coverage displays areas of and information about intermediate ocean wastewater discharges along the Southern California Bight, the curved coastline of Southern California between Point Conception and San Diego.
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