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100-Meter Resolution Satellite View of Hawaii

The Satellite View of Hawaii map layer is a 100-meter resolution simulated natural-color image of Hawaii. Vegetation is generally green, with forests in darker green and grasslands or shrublands in lighter green. Areas of high reflectance, including urban areas, rock, and dry bare soil, are shown in shades of tan and pink. Very bright areas, such as snow and ice, are light blue. The image was produced by mosaicking Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery from the Landsat 4 and Landsat 5 satellites. Bands 7 (mid-infrared), 4 (near-infrared) and 2 (green), were assigned to red, green, and blue, respectively, and adjusted to produce the final simulated natural-color image. This layer is part of the 1997-2014 edition National Atlas of the United States.The 100-meter resolution satellite view data were developed to portray the ground cover of the United States at 1:1,000,000 scale. The image is intended for visual purposes only. The original Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery data should be used for conducting analysis. No responsibility is assumed by the National Atlas of the United States in the use of these data.
National Atlas of the United States
Hawaii and United States
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