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Channel and Floodplain Cross Sections, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Cross sections for the 50-year flood, for Rio Choluteca, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Water-surface elevations for an estimated 50-year-flood discharge on Rio Choluteca at Tegucigalpa were determined using HEC-RAS, a one-dimensional step-backwater computer program. The channel and floodplain cross section geometry used in HEC-RAS were developed from an airborne light detection and ranging (LIDAR) topographic survey of the area. The 50-year-flood discharge for Rio Choluteca, 922 cubic meters per second, was estimated using a regression equation that relates the 50-year-flood discharge to drainage area and mean annual precipitation. The area of inundation and depth of flood coverage was created with the HEC-RAS output and topographic TIN using HEC-geo-RAS software.
United States Geological Survey
Honduras, Francisco Morazán, Departamento de, and Tegucigalpa
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