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Massachusetts Solid Waste Facilities, 1997

This datalayer is a polygon coverage displaying Solid Waste Facilities throughout Massachusetts. The data here were originally produced by MassGIS. The Solid Waste Facility Datalayer was compiled by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Solid Waste Management to track the locations of landfills, transfer stations, and combustion facilities. The datalayer contains the majority of the facilities currently regulated under DEP's solid waste regulations (310 CMR 16.00 19.00). The 554 polygons in the datalayer include thirteen specific types of solid waste facilities (see ATTRIBUTES below) Please Note: Although the majority of the polygons represent landfills, only a small fraction of those landfills are active. In addition, this datalayer does not contain all solid waste facilities known to DEP. The Mass GIS land-use datalayer has waste site and mining classifications which may represent landfills not in the solid waste datalayer. This layer was derived from the Massachusetts Electronic Atlas (MEA) which was a collaborative project to provides access, via the Internet, to data about the Commonwealth, its thirteen regional planning agency districts and 351 cities and towns. This dataset is now only available via The Harvard Geospatial Library. For more information on the original MassGIS datalayer please consult their website at:
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