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Svalbard Region, 1654 (Raster Image)

This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: Pascaart van de Zee-custen van Ruslant, Laplant, Finmarcken, Spitsbergen en Novazemla, from the Frederik de Wit's untitled Dutch Sea Atlas. It was published by Frederick de Widt, inde Calverstraat bij den dam, inde 3 Crabben in 1654. Scale [ca. 1:1,540,000]. Covers the Svalbard region, Norway, including the northern coast of Scandinavia and Russia. Map in Dutch. The image inside the map neatline is georeferenced to the surface of the earth and fit to the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84) coordinate system. All map collar and inset information is also available as part of the raster image, including any inset maps, profiles, statistical tables, directories, text, illustrations, index maps, legends, or other information associated with the principal map. This map shows coastal features such as harbors, inlets, rocks, channels, points, coves, shoals, islands, and more. Includes also selected land features such as cities and towns, and other points of interest. This layer is part of a selection of digitally scanned and georeferenced historic maps from the Harvard Map Collection. These maps typically portray both natural and manmade features. The selection represents a range of originators, ground condition dates, scales, and map purposes.
Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library
Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, White Sea, Kara Sea, Bothnia, Gulf of, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russian Federation, Svalbard, and Spitsbergen
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