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CHGIS China Lakes and River Banks, 1820

Polygon features show the major lakes and wide sections of major rivers in China for the year 1820. Only the major rivers were included in the CHGIS data, along with historical names as used in 1820. CHGIS has focussed on the major rivers based on historical sources, while on Digital Map Database of China (DMDC) is largely based on very detailed remote sensing data and ground surveys showing each small stream in the watershed. Our strategy for CHGIS is to provide a convenient layer to augment the use of DMDC and make it easier to navigate the DMDC hydrography layers. The CHGIS will establish a database of historical administrative units, as well as physical and cultural features for different periods in Chinese History, and will also provide a base GIS platform for researchers to use for spatial analysis, temporal statistical modeling, and representation of selected historical units as digital maps.
CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute
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