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5701. Zoning Overlay Districts, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2014

2014. Cambridge (Mass.). Geographic Information Systems. This polygon layer contains the zoning overlay districts in the City of Cambridge that set out additional or alternative zoning regulations to an a... Cambridge (Mass.). Geographic Information Systems.

5702. Zoning, Placer County, California, 2014

2014. Placer County Community Development Resource Agency-Geographic Information Systems Division. Placer County zoning vector data. Contains polygon data with zoning attributes (zoning). Refer to the Placer County Zoning Ordinance for detailed d... Placer County.

5703. Zoning, San Benito County, California, 2016

2016. San Benito County (Calif.) -- Information Technology. This polygon dataset shows the boundaries for all existing zoning districts within San Benito County, California as of 2016.

5704. Zoning: Santa Clara County, California, 2015

2015. Santa Clara County (Calif.). Planning Office. This polygon shapefile depicts boundaries of zoning districts for the unincorporated areas within the County of Santa Clara, California over which ... Santa Clara County (Calif.). Planning Office.

5705. Zoning, Santa Cruz County, California, 2014

2014. Santa Cruz County GIS. This shapefile shows zoning for Santa Cruza County, California. .

5706. Zoning: Santa Cruz County, California, 2015

2015. Garcia, Paul and Price, Matt. This polygon shapefile represents zoning districts in the County of Santa Cruz, California, including designations and locations, as defined in Gen... County of Santa Cruz Information Services Department.

5707. Zoning, Shasta County, California, 2010

2010. Shasta County (Calif.). This polygon dataset represents zoning districts within Shasta County, California for 2014. Online zoning map can be accessed at

5708. Zoning, Solano County, California, 2006

2006. Solano County Resource Management Department. Solano County Resource Mangement Zoning Designations as Amended through Ordnance #1670, adopted February 7, 2006.

5709. Zoning: Solano County, California, 2015

2015. Armstrong, Jake H. This polygon shapefile depicts boundaries of zoning districts in the County of Solano, California and provides Zoning classification attributes, su... Solano County Department of Information Technology.

5710. Zoning, Sonoma County, California, 2012

2012. Geographic Information Systems, Sonoma County (Calif.)., California . The zoning by area dataset represents the detailed countywide distribution, location and extent of land development by base zoning districts, densi...

5711. Zoning, Stanislaus County, California, 2014

2014. Stanislaus County (Calif.). This polygonal dataset represents zoning regulation districts within Stanislaus County, California in 2014.