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1. Census Urbanized Areas San Francisco Bay Area 2000

2011. MarinMap. Urbanized areas in the San Francisco Bay Area from the United States Census. San Rafael (Calif.). County Of Marin.

2. Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay California

2011. San Mateo County. Pacific Ocean coast from Monterey Bay to Gualala Point, including San Francisco Bay. San Mateo County (Calif.). County Of San Mateo.

3. Bay Area Counties

2006. US Census Bureau. Bay Area Counties. San Francisco (Calif.). Department Of Telecommunications and Information Services.

4. Communities of Concern, San Francisco Bay Area, California 2005-2009

2005. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission. This polygon shapefile contains the California Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) Communities of Concern (COC) for the San Francisco Ba... California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

5. Bay Area General Outline

2004. ESRI. Bay Area - General outline of San Francisco, ocean and bay, and other counties. San Francisco (Calif.). Department Of Telecommunications and Information Services.

6. Bay Area ZIP Code Areas

2004. ESRI. Bay Area ZIP Code Areas. San Francisco (Calif.). Department Of Telecommunications and Information Services.

7. California Coastline and Ocean 2003

2003. MTC. California coast and Pacific Ocean including bays and the Sacramento River Delta. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

8. California County Bounardaries 2003

2003. MTC. County boundaries for the state of California, no water. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

9. California Place Names 2003

2003. MTC. California city, town, and place boundaries. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

10. California PUMA Boundaries with County Codes 2003

2003. MTC. State of California Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMA) with county codes. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.