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21. Albemarle 2010 Zoning

2010. Zoning map of Albemarle County, Virginia (current as of 2010), including rural areas; residential areas: R1/R2/R4/R6/R10/R15/village; Mixed: planne...

22. Alexandria 2004 Enterprise Zones

0. Enterprise zones for Alexandria, Virginia.

23. Alexandria 2004 Small Planning Areas

0. Small planning areas for Alexandria, Virginia.

24. Alexandria 2004 Zoning

0. Zoning for Alexandria, Virginia.

25. Charlottesville 2007 Neighborhoods

2002. Neighborhoods for Charlottesville, Virginia.

26. Charlottesville 2007 School Catchment Areas

2002. School catchment areas for Charlottesville, Virginia.

27. Charlottesville 2010 Entrance Corridors

2010. Entrance Corridors for the City of Charlottesville.

28. Charlottesville 2010 Historic Districts

2010. Historic Districts for the City of Charlottesville.

29. Charlottesville 2010 Parking Exemption Zones

2010. Parking Exemption zones in Charlottesville, Virginia.

30. Charlottesville 2010 Planning Neighborhoods

2010. Planning neighborhoods in Charlottesville, Virginia.

31. Chesapeake 2005 Land Use Plan

2005. Land use plan for Chesapeake, Virginia.

32. Chesapeake 2005 Planning Areas

2005. Planning areas for Chesapeake, Virginia.

33. Chesapeake 2005 South Norfolk Business District

2005. South Norfolk business district for Chesapeake, Virginia.

34. Chesapeake 2005 Zoning

2005. Zoning for Chesapeake, Virginia.

35. District of Columbia 2008 Comprehensive Plan Planning Areas

2000. Comprehensive plan planning areas for Washington, DC.

36. District of Columbia 2008 District Revitalization Areas

2000. District Revitalization Areas for Washington, DC.

37. District of Columbia 2008 Downtown Development Comprehensive Plan Boundaries

2000. Downtown Development Comprehensive Plan boundaries for Washington, DC.

38. District of Columbia 2008 Economic Development Zones

2000. Economic Development Zones for Washington, DC.

39. District of Columbia 2008 Historic Districts

2000. Historic districts for Washington, DC.

40. District of Columbia 2008 HUB Zones

2000. Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zones for Washington, DC.