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1. Base Map, Contra Costa County, California, 2002

2002. Department of Conservation & Development, Contra Costa County. This dataset represents the Base Map within Contra Costa, California. Latest data revision occurred in 2002; Data was mapped and provided by the DC...

2. California Metropolitan Transportation Commission Traffic Analysis Zones, 2002

2002. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission. This polygon shapefile contains traffic analysis zones with population statistics for the San Francisco Bay Area in California. These data have ben... California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

3. Charlottesville 2007 City Limits

2002. City limits for Charlottesville, Virginia.

4. Charlottesville 2007 City Limits Census

2002. City limits for Charlottesville, Virginia. Data from 2000 US census.

5. Charlottesville 2007 Parcels 1999

2002. Parcels for Charlottesville, Virginia. Data is from 1999.

6. Charlottesville 2007 Parcels 2003/2005

2002. Parcels for Charlottesville, Virginia. Data is from 2003/2005.

7. Charlottesville 2007 Special Parcels

2002. Special parcels for Charlottesville, Virginia.

8. Charlottesville 2007 Voting Precincts

2002. Voting precincts for Charlottesville, Virginia.

9. City Spheres of Influence, Napa County, California, 2002

2002. LAFCO of Napa County. This polygonal dataset shows the boundaries of the Spheres of Influence for cities in Napa County, California as of 2002. A sphere of influence is ...

10. Council Districts Berkeley, California 2002

2002. City of Berkeley, CA. The City of Berkeley's council districts created during 2002 redistricting. Berkeley (Calif.). City Of Berkeley.