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1. CHGIS China Coastline, 1820

1820. CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Insitute. The polylines in this datalayer represent the costline of mainland China in the year 1820. The CHGIS will establish a database of historical admini... CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute.

2. CHGIS Version 4 : 1820 Rivers Coded by Strahler Stream Order

1820. CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Insitute. line features showing the major rivers of China for the year 1820, coded by Strahler Stream Order 1820 Data CHGIS V4 contains spatial data for the... CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute.

3. CHGIS Version 4 : DCW East Asia 1990 Rivers

1990. CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Insitute. river, drainage network lines of East Asia, circa late 1980s 1820 Data CHGIS V4 contains spatial data for the entire territory claimed by the Qin... CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute.

4. Zhejiang Sheng, China : Roads

1979. East View Cartographic, Inc. Vector dataset showing roads over an area of the Zhejiang Sheng region, China, 1979. Dataset was derived from 6 sheet maps from a series of Soviet... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library.