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1. Park Boundaries, Santa Clara County, California, 2015

2015. Santa Clara County (Calif.) Parks and Recreation. This polygon dataset shows the boundaries of all existing parklands within Santa Clara County, California in 2015. Dataset includes spatial informa...

2. Park Districts, Placer County, California, 2014

2014. Placer County. This shapefile shows parks in Placer County, California. .

3. Parks & Open Space, Mono County, California, 2011

2011. Mono County (Calif.) -- Information Technology. This polygon dataset shows all existing parks and other open spaces within Mono County, California for 2011,.

4. Parks, Berkeley, California, 2008

2008. City of Berkeley . City of Berkeley Parks: The City of Berkeley has 52 treasured parks located throughout the City that include athletic fields, swimming pools, tenni...

5. Parks, Napa County, California, 2011

2011. Green Info Network, Land Trust of Napa County, and EDAW Inc. This dataset is intended to provide an inventory of lands accessible to the public and lands that are protected by the Land Trust in Napa County, C... Napa County (Calif.) -- Conservation Development and Planning.

6. Parks, San Francisco, California, 2015

2015. San Francisco_ Recreation and Parks Department . Parks within the extent of San Francisco; park boundaries have been updated to show 2015 features.

7. Parks, San Joaquin County, California, 2014

2014. San Joaquin County, Community Development, Geographic Information Systems. This dataset represents the parks within San Joaquin County, California. Latest data export occurred on July 14th, 2014. Data was mapped and provid... San Joaquin County (Calif.). Community Development Department.

8. Parks, Santa Cruz, California, 2014

2014. Santa Cruz County GIS. This shapefile shows parks in Santa Cruz county.

9. Public Lands, Humboldt County, California, 2014

2014. Humboldt County Community Development Services -- Advance Planning Division. This polygonal dataset is an extract from the county's parcel layer. Includes agricultural areas, timber production areas, city-owned properties, p...