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1. Adjusted Urban Areas, California, 2010

2010. Cuellar, Rose and California. Department of Transportation. This polygon shapefile represents adjusted urban area boundaries for California derived from the 2010 Census urban area boundaries, the preceding 2... California. Department of Transportation.

2. Census Zip Code Tabulation Areas, California, 2010

2010. O'Neill, Michael and California. Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. This polygon shapefile represents zip code tabulation areas (ZCTAs) for the state of California. These data were gathered from the 2010 Census demo... California. Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

3. Census Tracts: San Mateo County, California, 2010

2010. County of San Mateo Information Services Department. This polygon shapefile depicts demographic data about about County of San Mateo, California residents by Census Tract. Includes population, race, H... County of San Mateo Information Services Department.

4. United States Census Urbanized Areas, 2010

2010. U.S. Census Bureau. Geography Division and Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.). This polygon shapefile represents the 2010 Census urban areas in the United States. An urban area comprises a densely settled core of census tracts... Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.).

5. General Plan Hayward 2004

2010. City of Hayward. City of Hayward Official General Plan Land Use Map. (Last Updated 11/10/2004). Hayward (Calif.).

6. Neighborhoods Hayward 2009

2010. City of Hayward. Neighborhood Plan polygon boundaries. Hayward (Calif.).

7. Census Places, Monterey County, California, 2010

2010. Monterey County (Calif.). This polygon shapefile represents 2010 census designated places (CDP) in Monterey County, California. Places, for the reporting of decennial census... Monterey County (Calif.).

8. Cemetery Districts

2010. VESTRA Resources Inc. Boundaries for Cemetery Districts in Napa County. Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.

9. Cemetery Districts Spheres of Influence

2010. Vestra Resources Inc. Cemetery Districts: Spheres of Influence. Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.

10. Census Designated Places: Sacramento County, California, 2010

2010. Sacramento County GIS. This polygon shapefile depicts boundaries of Census Designated Places (CDPs) in the County of Sacramento, California as of 2010. A Census Designate... Sacramento County GIS.

11. Community Boundaries, Nevada County, California, 2010

2010. Nevada County (Calif.). Within Nevada County, the Community Regions are established as the areas of the County within which growth should be directed to provide compact, a...

12. Sphere of Influence (SOI), Contra Costa County, California, 2010

2010. Department of Conservation & Development, Contra Costa County. This dataset represents the SOI within Contra Costa, California. Latest data revision occurred in November 2012; Data was mapped and provided by th...