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1. California Metropolitan Transportation Commission Traffic Analysis Zones, 2002

2002. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission. This polygon shapefile contains traffic analysis zones with population statistics for the San Francisco Bay Area in California. These data have ben... California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

2. Water Bodies, Marin County, California, 2002

2002. US Census Bureau. Waterbodies (lakes, lagoons, ponds etc) from TIGER files for Marin County, California. Marin General Services Authority.

3. Seismic Shaking

2002. US Geological Survey. Ground shaking is the primary cause of earthquake damage to man-made structures. When the ground shakes strongly, buildings can be damaged or destr... San Rafael (Calif.). County Of Marin Community Development Agency.

4. Sudden Oak Death Suspected Areas

2002. Sudden Oak Death Project, Center for the Assessment and Monitoring of Forestry and Environmental Resources (CAMFER) at U.C. Berkeley. Areas of concentrated confirmed Sudden Oak Death from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, University of California at Davis, and Uni... San Rafael (Calif.). County Of Marin.