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1. Census Urbanized Areas San Francisco Bay Area 2000

2011. MarinMap. Urbanized areas in the San Francisco Bay Area from the United States Census. San Rafael (Calif.). County Of Marin.

2. Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay California

2011. San Mateo County. Pacific Ocean coast from Monterey Bay to Gualala Point, including San Francisco Bay. San Mateo County (Calif.). County Of San Mateo.


2011. County of Sonoma ISD GIS Central. A distinction should be made with respect to this layer which includes GIS parcels and the official Assessor Parcels residing in the Assessor Map b... Santa Rosa (Calif.). County Of Sonoma Gis Central.

4. Scenic Corridors, Sonoma County, California, 2011

2011. Geographic Infromation Systems, Sonoma County (Calif.)., California . The scenic corridors dataset represents the Open Space and Resource Conservation Scenic Resources Element 2.3 of the Sonoma County General Plan 202...

5. Sphere of Influence (SOI), Sonoma County, California, 2011

2011. Geographic Information Systems, Sonoma County, California . The sphere of influence dataset represents the nine cities, urban (incorporated) municipality sphere of influence (e.g. SOI) boundaries within the ...


2011. County of Sonoma GIS Central. Road centerlines are captured from the aerial photography as the apparent centerline. Attributes originally compiled via a conflation process from... Santa Rosa (Calif.). County Of Sonoma Gis Central.