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1. Highways

2005. DTIS. Highways in San Francisco. Based on comparison to TIGER designations for San Francisco streets. A view of the STCLINES layer. (Does not include... San Francisco (Calif.). Department Of Telecommunications and Information Services.

2. Highways and Roads, Humboldt County, California, 2013

2013. Humboldt County Community Development Services. This GIS dataset is the result of ongoing efforts to produce an accurate Roadway Centerline GIS layer for Humboldt County. Multiple source datasets...

3. Major Roads, Santa Cruz County, California, 2014

2014. Santa Cruz County (Calif.) -- Assessor's Office. This polyline dataset depicts the Major or Arterial Roads in Santa Cruz County, California. This layer is a subset of the Streets layer with the Ca...

4. Road Centerlines, Nevada County, California, 2014

2014. Nevada County (Calif.). The Nevada County Roads data layer is a compilation of roads from three major sources: GPS collection, TNF data, and digitized segments. The roads ...

5. Roads, Amador County, California, 2010

2010. Amador County (Calif.). This dataset contains centerlines for highways and roads in Amador County, California. from sub-meter GPS data collection and heads-up digitizing f...

6. Roads, Kern County, California, 2014

2014. Kern County (Calif.) -- Engineering, Surveying and Permit Services . This polyline dataset shows all existing roadways within Kern County, California for 2014. Includes classifications for different road types.

7. Roads, Napa County, California, 2013

2013. Napa County (Calif.). This dataset shows the roads network for Napa County, California. Roads is a view of the RoadCenterLine layer. Refer to that layer for more details.

8. Roads, Placer County, California, 2014

2014. Placer County (Calif.) -- Community Development Resource Agency. This polyline dataset shows all existing roadways within Placer County, California as of 2014.

9. Roads, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2010

2010. East View Geospatial. This line dataset shows the road network in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, consisting of primary roads, secondary roads, and narrow local roads, tracks and... East View Geospatial.

10. Roads, Shasta County, California, 2010

2010. Shasta County Resource Management Dept. This polyline dataset represents all road centerlines in Shasta County, California for 2010. Attributes include road names and address range inform...