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1311. Water Districts, Alameda County, California, 2007

2007. Alameda County (Calif.), Alameda County (Calif.). Assessor's Office, and Community Development Agency . This dataset represents water districts in Alameda County, California. Geo-spatital files were were mapped and created by the county of Alameda. .

1312. Water Districts, Napa County, California, 2009

2009. Vestra Resources Inc. Redding, CA. Boundaries of the ten Water Districts in Napa County.

1313. Zip Codes, Nevada County, California, 2013

2013. Nevada County (Calif.). This zip code layer was constructed by Nevada County GIS from voter registration rolls and Assessor Mailing Addresses. It is the best available dat...

1314. ZIP Codes, San Mateo County, California, 2014

2014. San Mateo County (Calif.). This polygon dataset shows all zip code boundaries in San Mateo County California for 2015.

1315. Zoning, Contra Costa County, California, 2012

2012. Department of Conservation & Development, Contra Costa County. This dataset represents the zoning boundaries within Contra Costa, California. Latest data revision occurred in November 2012; Data was mapped and ...

1316. Zoning Districts, Nevada County, California, 2013

2013. Nevada County (Calif.). This polygon dataset shows the shows the boundaries of all zoning districts within Nevada County, California for 2013. It is maintained by the Neva...

1317. Zoning, Humboldt County, California, 2014

2014. Humboldt County Building & Planning Department. This polygonal dataset shows boundaries for zoning districts within Humboldt County, California. *******This data is a DRAFT version and has not be...

1318. Zoning, Napa County, California, 2002

2002. County of Napa ITS Department. This polygonal dataset shows zoning designations of land use within the unincorporated areas of Napa County, California for 2002. The unincorporate...

1319. Zoning, Oakland, California, 2012

2012. City of Oakland. City of Oakland Zoning, including update effective November 3, 2011 (Ordinance 13090). Commercial And Residential Zoning Amendments From: Community...

1320. Zoning, San Benito County, California, 2016

2016. San Benito County (Calif.) -- Information Technology. This polygon dataset shows the boundaries for all existing zoning districts within San Benito County, California as of 2016.