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1. Cemetery Districts

2010. VESTRA Resources Inc. Boundaries for Cemetery Districts in Napa County. Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.

2. Cemetery Districts Spheres of Influence

2010. Vestra Resources Inc. Cemetery Districts: Spheres of Influence. Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.


2008. John Woodbury. This layer is a view of the Protected_OS_Lands feature that is in the planning database. The Protected_OS_Lands shows parks and preserves in the Co... Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.

4. Voter Precincts in Napa County

2006. Vestra Resources Inc. Redding CA. This layer is composed of Polygons depicting Voter Precincts as provided by the Napa County elections department. Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.